Friday, October 3, 2014

Tall Order: A Mission Statement

Hello there, my name is Carly Janine Mazur, and welcome to a little project of mine called: Tall Order. "Why is it called Tall Order?" you may ask? 'A tall order' is an idiom, defined as being an assignment or task which is difficult or seems impossible to accomplish. This blog is going to be the home for one year where I will post one new illustration every Friday. I don't plan to cut corners or cheat my way through by posting doodles or quick sketches, but provide a new painting every, single, week.

Sure, some paintings will be tiny, some more ambitious. While I take on this insane task I will be working on pieces for gallery shows, freelance jobs, and anything in-between, so I will say this: some pieces I post here will have indeed taken more than a week to complete. If I am restricted by non-disclosure agreements, I unfortunately will not be able to show those; however, I will absolutely share what I am not restricted by contractually.

What inspired me to do this project was thanks to the group illustration blogs Month of Love and Month of Fear. If you're not familiar with these blogs, they are concerted weekly efforts by illustrators to create and post themed illustrations during the months of February and October, respectively. Month of Fear is currently in full-swing, so I will be spending this month sharing the works I've done for these weekly themes.

When the Month of Love was started last year, it was a piece a day. That was difficult, to say the least, but I powered through it. So as October rolled around it was mutually agreed upon that it was going to be a weekly affair, much more manageable by working illustrators. Suffice to say, I was amazed that I could keep up the pace, and actually do a new piece a week, from conception to completion. It gave me a new sense of confidence in myself, and in turn made me a happier person to see my accomplishments.

Painting is an absolute joy for me. I want to share with you this seemingly impossible task for the next twelve months. There will be ups and downs, I'm sure, as every artist goes through during their lives and careers, but through the thick of it all I want to share with you this year-long journey.

See you on Fridays!

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