Friday, November 14, 2014

#7 Sneak Peek of "Wait for the Moon"

Crop of "Veiled Bounty"
This piece titled "Veiled Bounty" is for the upcoming show "Wait for the Moon" at Arch Enemy Arts in which individual artists interpret different Grimm's Fairytales.This piece is my take on the story "The Gold-Children".

 So it happened. My worst fear but greatest hope happened right after I started this endeavor: I am now entirely dedicated to working on paintings for upcoming shows that I cannot show in their entirety--right now, that is. Believe you me, I am painting my tuckus off but am limited in showing my work because they cannot be revealed until the shows themselves. Not a bad outcome, but certainly a setback in supplying full content here on Tall Order.

Regardless, I am pretty happy to have found myself in this situation!

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